Friday Faves - Get Outside

After a year hiatus, my Friday Faves are back! Since the weather here in Texas has been absolutely perfect since about mid-January, I've been spending as much time as possible outside. Here are my favorite things right now that make being outdoors even better!


This is on the top of my honey-do list right now. Oh excuse me while I just literally whip out a party. Love the added counter space without having to add on a complete outdoor kitchen. Want the complete tutorial on how to build this? Here's the step-by-step guide. Let me know when it's finished and I'll come over to party. 


Maybe you have children that spill things...or maybe you're just like me and spill things as an adult. Well this is the perfect tablecloth for you and for anything outside! This material has a plastic coating that allows you to easily and quickly wipe it down after use. Plus there are so many colorful and fun patterns to choose from. Not Your Mama's Kitchen on Etsy has many different table cloth options along with other unique oilcloth products. 

String Lights.jpg


Because who doesn't have string lights hanging in all of their outdoor hangout dreams? We recently upgraded our lights to these bad boys that can't be chewed up by squirrels....because how can string lights be great if they don't work? Get your own set from Home Depot


Why is outdoor furniture so freakin expensive? Ok, I get has to endure the elements outside. So if you're like us and have not made that investment and have the cheap stuff the homeowner before you left, outdoor throw pillows are a great way to give it a facelift!! I love the ones from Target because they have really good weather-proofing. 


My aunt has this and it's the coolest thing ever. You lose the sound of a slamming screen door, so maybe it's not for you if you're nostalgic, but it's fabulous if you want to let the cool morning air in but not the bugs. This is top on my wish list because I don't know if I can listen to another fly dying trying to fly out a closed window in my's so pathetic. You can also find this at Home Depot