Friday Faves - Floral

Spring has sprung, so I'm all about anything floral. Here are my Friday Faves for this week:


You may have seen me post about this earlier in the week on Instagram, but I'm still so in love with my new spring wallpaper that I have to share it again. Molly Maron is a designer, photographer, chef, life-long friend, and brilliant mind behind Capital Confessions. I find inspiration from her site on a daily basis. She designed three different wallpapers that you can spruce up your phone/desktop with for spring...because why should they miss out on all the fun? To download your free wallpaper, click this link to her Spring has Sprung post. Then select "desktop" to download to your computer OR from a mobile device click "phone" then hold down on the image that pops up and select "Save Image". 

Floral Crown Watermark.png


I promise this is the last thing I'll post for those of you who follow me on Instagram and already saw this, but the Multi-Color Floral Crown is a fun addition to any wardrobe for the springtime. I was inspired when someone was looking for something to go along with a Mexican dress. If you would like your own real-life snapchat filter, contact us. 


My friend Gracie inspired me this week when she was showing me photos of the new potted plants they put on their front porch. No matter the size, they totally transform a space! If you are holding out on gardening because you're in an apartment, don't make that your excuse! If you have even the smallest of porches or window that gets sun, you too can be a gardener. When potting plants, go for the the "thrill, fill, spill" look. This means having a taller plant to create line, a filler flower to be the focal point, then a foliage or flower that blends the design with the pot. For more potting tips, check out Real Simple's How to Care for Potted Plants

Source:  Old Navy

Source: Old Navy


With warmer weather, I often take the stance of "I don't want to wear any pants". So to get away with that in an acceptable manner, I have to turn to dresses and skirts...although the nude is always tempting. This Off-the-Shoulder dress from Old Navy is a great look for daytime with some sneakers (as pictured), or throw on some cute wedges to dress it up for date night! Just remember you might get some looks if you don't wear any pants.

Source: MonoRobes Etsy

Source: MonoRobes Etsy


I was given one of these as a bridesmaid gift a couple years ago and absolutely love it! Not only do they make for super cute bridal party photos, but it's a gift your bridesmaids will actually enjoy getting. It's feminine look and light weight makes me feel so girly while I get ready each morning. To get one for yourself, check out MonoRobes on Etsy.

That's all I've got for this week! Capture your favorite floral thing(s) this weekend and post a pic of it to Instagram. Tag @openingstatement and hashtag #OSfridayfaves so I can see all of your favorites!